Google Mountain View

Renowned technology firm Google invited the studio to design its new campus and headquarters at Mountain View, California in collaboration with Bjarke Ingels Group Architects. As the company’s first purpose-built office buildings, the design would be its first physical manifestation of its approach to workplace design.

In addition to creating a productive and enjoyable workplace for its staff, it was interesting to us that Google wanted the new buildings to have a strong relationship with the local community and offer a range of amenities for neighbours as well as employees, creating a more open and permeable campus than other typical car-centric developments in Silicon Valley.

To keep pace with the fast-evolving nature of the technology industry, the team’s approach was to treat the new building’s structures more like large hangers or airport terminals within which a series of flexible internal structures could be enclosed and treated more like large adaptable furniture design, free from the constraints of being a conventional building envelope. The design would allow project teams to rearrange office spaces quickly and efficiently to meet their changing needs.

Doing away with the conventional structure of roof and walls, the external envelope of the building is formed by a sequence of canopies of power generating photovoltaic panels like giant tent fabric. Blurring the distinction between inside and out, the canopies extend over or reveal landscaping, cycle paths and cafes beneath, and allow people, light and air to flow in and out.









Group Leader

Eliot Postma, Stuart Wood

Project Leader

Sarah Gill, Sam Aitkenhead, Stuart Macalister

Studio team

Nick Arthurell, Ángela Bailén López, Lucie Beauvert, Elena Blanco, Erich Breuer, Mark Burrows, Darragh Casey, Julia Cano, Kyriakos Chatziparaskevas, Michael Chomette, Griffin Collier, Antoine van Erp, Alex Flood, Jeronimo Garcia, Alicia Hidalgo, Vaughan Horsman, Steven Howson, Xuanzhi Huang, Jessica In, Nilufer Kocabas, Andre Kong, Marko Koops, Francis Lam, Adrienne Lau, Barbara Lavickova, Changyeob Lee, Ángela Bailén López, Abel Maciel, Christopher McAnneny, Dimitri Michas, Ricardo Sosa Mejia, Pippa Murphy, Sayaka Namba, Charmaine Ng, Francis Ng, Marie Nihonyanagi, Hannah Parker, Gilberto Pedrosa, Gabriel Piovanetti, Ivan Polley, Fernando Poucell, Matthew Pratt, Paul Robinson, Arturo Revilla, Matthijs La Roi, Miguel Rus, Peter King, Marco Mazzotta, Tom McKeogh, Juan Oyarbide, Ville Saarikoski, Luis Sacristan, Danai Sage, Luda Smart, Chris Stone, Cliff Tan, Neal Tanna, German de la Torre, Ling-Li Tseng, Cassandra Tsolakis, Ville Saarikoski, Ricardo Sosa Mejia, Skye Sun, Enol Vallina, Marcos Velasco, Cong Wang, Junyi Wang, Simon Winters, Priscilla Wong, Chen Zhan


Bjarke Ingels Group