Spun began as an exploration into whether the process of metal spinning could be used to create something to sit on. As the finished object would be a completely symmetrical rotational form it would have to be able to work as a chair whichever way round it was rotated.

To understand the geometry and the ergonomics, the studio experimented with making full-size models which it gradually tweaked and refined until it discovered the optimum shape. When the first full-size prototype was spun in aluminium it was not only comfortable but surprisingly enjoyable to sit on, with its capacity to rotate and rock in three dimensions.

Having produced a limited series of highly finished metal chairs, the studio then collaborated with the Italian furniture manufacturer Magis to develop a version using rotation moulded polypropylene. Unlike the smooth metal versions, the plastic chair is covered with a detail of fine ridges, like the grooves on an old vinyl record, which add comfort and reinforce the rotational shape of the form.


Magis (Rotation-moulded Plastic Edition), Haunch of Venison
(Metal Edition)





Project Leader

Stuart Wood

Studio team

Mark Burrows, Kanru Liu, Evonne Mackenzie, Hannah Parker, Jonathan Sturgess, Jordan Tobin, Adrian Weidmann


Magis, Haunch of Venison,
Rachael Barraclough