17 December 2020

Thomas Heatherwick features on the Future Thinking Podcast

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Thomas Heatherwick was recently a guest on Stylus’s Future Thinking podcast. Speaking with Christian Ward and Stylus’s senior editor of Product Design Dewi Pinatih, Thomas discussed how nature can contribute to better workplaces, buildings and cities.

On human-made vs natural:

“I’ve certainly found that there’s been so much emphasis on human-made stuff, and not enough on the counterbalance, the thing that’s a relief from ‘made-ness’. You go into environments and everything’s so hard. The ability to look into the infinite is something that made things often don’t give you.” [5:46]

Thomas Heatherwick

On designing better working environments:

“Why wouldn’t you have the qualities you aspire to in your home in a workplace? What are the things that bring out the best versions of ourselves?” [13:24]

Thomas Heatherwick

Have a listen here.