2 October 2023

‘Building Soul’: Thomas Heatherwick’s new radio series to air on BBC Radio 4

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Thomas Heatherwick will present a new documentary series on BBC Radio 4 starting on Tuesday 3rd October 2023 at 9am BST.

In this three-part series, Thomas argues for a radical rethink of our approach to architecture which focuses on the needs of the passers-by.

Drawing on the latest scientific research, he reveals how a century-long “global-blandemic” in the way we design buildings and cities has unwittingly caused sickness, loneliness, division, even conflict – as well as playing a major role in warming our planet. 

Across the series, he will suggest that the solution to this crisis lies in building more soulful, human buildings, which can stand the test of time and reshape our urban landscapes for the better.

Tune in to the first episode examining ‘Why Boring Buildings are Bad for Us’ on Tuesday 3rd at 9am BST.

Episode Two ‘The Cult of Modernist Architecture’ will air on Tuesday 10th of October at 9am BST and the final part of the series, ‘How to Ditch Boring and Humanise our Cities’ will air at the same time on Tuesday 17th of October.

You can listen to the series here.