16 April 2024

Heatherwick Studio and Magis reunite to turn plastic waste inside out for a new furniture collection

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Heatherwick Studio, a global architecture and design practice, and Magis, a leading Italian furniture company, are joining forces again to create a collection of plastic furniture crafted from recycled materials and turned inside out.

Following from the success of Spun, the partnership is reuniting to bring forth a remarkable collection of plastic furniture crafted from recycled materials in an entirely novel approach – turning plastic waste inside out to reveal its unexpected inner beauty.

Thomas Heatherwick, founder and design director of Heatherwick Studio, said:

“After the success of our Spun chair it’s thrilling to partner again with our friends at Magis. In a world grappling with the consequences of plastic pollution, the idea behind this new collection is to use waste materials and reveal their inner beauty in an unexpected way.”

‘In-Side’ uses a deeply industrial process with a new form of recycled plastic technology to reveal the inherent beauty of the recycling process which would otherwise remain hidden inside. The collection shows that recycling does not need to look less good; it can allow for joyous and energetic forms to emerge.

In recent years, Magis has developed a new material that is a blend of part post-consumer recycled polyethylene and part post-industrial recycled polyethylene in multi-coloured flakes, offering a sustainable, long-term application for plastic waste. The team at Heatherwick worked with the material and discovered that when rotationally moulded, the outside of the material appeared quite conventional, but when cut open, it revealed a surprising inner interestingness, akin to the inner complexities of a geode. Furniture made this way challenges traditional perceptions of plastic reuse and reimagines its potential as a sustainable resource.  

Each piece in the collection not only exemplifies exquisite craftsmanship, characteristic of both organisations, but also serves as a testament to the potential of recycled materials in the realm of design. By highlighting the often-overlooked beauty of plastic waste, Heatherwick Studio and Magis aim to spark conversations about sustainability and encourage consumers to make more conscious choices.

‘In-side’ is comprised of a sofa, a table a chair and cushions, and will debut at Salone del Mobile held in Milan between 16 – 21 April, offering attendees a firsthand look at these unusual pieces. The collection will be available for purchase through select retailers later this year, inviting individuals to bring sustainability and innovation into their homes.